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Todo is a simple yet powerful Alfred workflow, made for todo list management.

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Todo intro


Todo is a simple yet feature packed todo list manager for Alfred.

Todo items

Getting started


TIP To see all items due for today, type todo @today

Adding new items

Todo add item

When adding items, add and todo keywords are interchangeable, although the key difference is add allows you to add items with the title twice; todo provides a more informative feedback on screen

Command modifiers

Full keyword list


Todo lists

If you want more control over your todo items apart from tagging, pinning and setting due dates for them, you can split up your todo items with lists.

By default, Todo uses a list called todo, but you can create new lists using the list keyword.

At any point in time only one list will be active, and all actions performed by using the todo,add,import,export etc keywords will be working against the currently active list.

In list view, Cmd + Enter will help you to delete a list altogether.


You can set the default format of new todo lists using the format command.

Type format to view and select a specific option.

When you set the default format, all new todo lists created using the list command will use that format.

Advanced Keywords

Todo is made to work out of the box by default, but in case you need more control the following commands may help:



Quick Create allows you to create new Todo items (when typing it in using the todo keyword) slightly faster. It prevents Alfred from disappearing and appearing when an item is added.

Anchored Search allows you to filter Todo items more quickly. With this option enabled, if you have a task description like This is a long description, you can quickly narrow down to that item by typing tiald

Smart Content - if you would like to add folders, URLs, to Todo, try adding them after Smart Content mode is switched on. It allows the following transformation

Smart Content Disabled

Smart Content Enabled

Smart Content - Page Titles, when enabled, will pre-fetch the web page title so that you get a better idea what a link will take you to, as in the example above.

This allows you to do multiple things, you can now group your favourite links, folders or files by a tag name. Smart Content works best when you have a hot key enabled to add a new Todo item.

Remember, smart content items are just simple todo items, so you can pin, tag, delete, mark as done etc as normal. Smart content only kicks in for all new items added, so existing items will remain untouched.

EggTimer2 in Edit mode when enabled will allow you to create alarms for todo items in Edit Mode. You must have the EggTimer2 workflow installed.

Syntax Guide

To create or edit todo items, you use the Todo item syntax. A todo item can be simply represented just the task description, or marked up with tags, pin status and a due date.

A full fedged task description would be like:

!! #tag this is a task @mon

Every section other than the task description is optional. All sections can appear anywhere.

Due dates

The following are supported

Clearing due dates

In item edit mode, enter @! to clear a set due date.


Lots of people have contributed with suggestions and feature ideas. In particular, the following folks from the Alfred Forum: